Canadian Solar Panels

Canadian solar panel has been ranked on No. 1 in the list of module suppliers in India from 2013 to 2016. They get founded in 2001 in Canada and within a short period of a span, they become the leading solar panel solution provider in the Indian market. These modules have been working comprehensively in every Indian state with a proven record of delivering best & high-quality modules to their clients. It is obvious that with the award-winning products and an experienced & dedicated team of professionals, this solar has become India’s no. 1 brand choice in crystalline solar panels.

WE are offering a wide range of Canadian solar panels modules like CS6K-MS (Mono-PERC), CS6X-P-FG (Double-glass), CS6X-P (72 poly cells), CS6K-M (60 mono cells) and CS6K-M AB (60 mono cells).

Canadian solar panel India has got a special place in the market because of its amazing service and affordable prices. Canadian solar panel price is very affordable & cost-efficient even lower middle class family or small enterprising companies can easily afford this. Value of words is more important in every business even in renewable energy sector also, as the decision to purchase solar panels, is completely a financial decision for most of the people & effectiveness of solar is totally depend on ROI.