Solar AC

Today the Air conditioning is no longer a luxury but a necessity for survival in both urban and rural domain. When the supreme power THE SUN showers HEAT on earth, the Blue planet boils up like a HOT curry.

To enable the vast living being to survive the scorching heat, the source of reversal of heat, has to be massive. The SUN acts as the Cogent.

With PHOTOVOLATIC Technology evolving, the dream of a power abundant globe is near to reality.

The SUN is the source of ultimate power and with the technology to harness the power with high efficiency makes it economical and affordable.

The Solar AC’s are being widely used in a few western and Middle East countries. India is still thriving for adapting the sun source. Once the technology is transferred through a product with realized results, it will expand like a forest fire among the society men.

We at “Energy Tech Solutions” have taken this opportunity to execute the dream of a green and yet cool environment by harnessing the free solar power in Gurgaon.

The Air-Conditioning industry is about to take a big leap by the Solar power AC unit compressors worldwide.

The solar air-conditioning is here to stay and will get more efficient in years to come.

Today Hybrid Solar air-conditioners are getting popular for new buildings as well as retrofit applications.

The Hybrid Solar AC can work as –
– DC Solar Air Conditioner works on solar power and gets back from battery backup as option.
– Hybrid DC Solar Air Conditioner is a 3 SOURCE SYSTEM –
It can work on either of below source of power –

Solar Power – First Priority
Battery Bank – Second Priority
Grid Power – Third Priority