Zever Solar Inverter

Zever solar inverter got established before 11 years, in 2007. With the continuous growth, they acquire the place of biggest Zever Solar inverter manufacturer. Since 2013, they are globally known as the leading inverters of PV system manufacturer. With the highly qualified team around 500 employees, they are producing 1-phase & 3-phase string inverter for home & office use also make central solar inverter for the industrial usage. After 2015, they have been one of the leading Zever solar inverter manufacturers. They are completely owned subsidiary of SMA & provides solar inverter at affordable prices.

Zever Solar believes that the power and energy of Sun are for all. They also know that all persons are not same, their method of usage and consumption are different, and they offer a wide range of smart & affordable inverters. Their range is for single phase - 1 KW to 5 KW. The range for 3-phase inverters - 4 KW, 5 KW.